This course focuses on the writing of an M. Ed Master’s thesis in the field of EFL didactics and methodology. Participants will develop their research agenda, guided by recent transdisciplinary and translingual research which acknowledges L2 learners' variable repertoires of multilingual semiotic resources (Hall, 2019); (Ortega & Han, 2017); (Tedick & Lyster, 2019). The course procedures will enable participants to choose methods and tools appropriate to their research questions and hypotheses. Following this process of data gathering, they will be supported in investigating their data profoundly and critically. The course will also present a platform of mutual critical appraisal and thus represent a space for collaborative learning. Within the framework of multilingual semiotic resources, participants will be encouraged to focus their research on the following dimensions:

- The roles of CLIL (content and language integrated learning) and TBLT (task-based language teaching) for the learning of EFL.
- FL2 confidence, anxiety, enjoyment, motivation in the EFL classroom. 
- Austrian EFL course books and their roles in EFLT.
- Information and communication technology in EFLT.