This course covers topics, theories, concepts, tools, and examples from both Linguistics and Literature.The analyses of Cultural Studies and the theories and concepts it draws on cut across the traditional divides between academic fields. This course will introduce, discuss, and develop key theories and concepts in Cultural Studies: culture, popular culture, everyday culture; power, politics, hegemony, and institutions; representation, semiotics,and discourse; constructivism; media, social media, and mediatization. Each theoretical cluster will be accompanied with some preparatory reading to be completed for the respective class. Each theoretical cluster will then be demonstrated and applied in class, using well-known examples and discussion questions. The course also teaches some essential writing and research skills in relation to Cultural Studies topics and will prepare students for writing a term paper on a topic of their choice, applying a theory of their choice.In two dedicated teaching practice sessions, all participating students will work in groups to develop ateaching approach to a source text of their own choosing (a wide variety of genres and fields areencouraged). Based on these approaches, each group will prepare and present a 10-minute classroom activity in one of the two dedicated teaching workshop sessions (see course outline/provisional program).